CorpNet vs. Bizee: Which business filing service is better?

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How can an entrepreneur form an LLC in the U.S. and maintain compliance long term? Find the service that can help in this CorpNet vs. Bizee comparison.

$99 - $419
$0 – $299 + any state filing fees
Best For:
Businesses looking for LLC formation services, business filings and compliance services, licenses, and permits
Best For:
Individuals on a budget who want to file an LLC or anyone who wants to form a corporation or nonprofit.
$99 - $419
Best For:
Businesses looking for LLC formation services, business filings and compliance services, licenses, and permits
$0 – $299 + any state filing fees
Best For:
Individuals on a budget who want to file an LLC or anyone who wants to form a corporation or nonprofit.

As an entrepreneur, you recognize the significance of selecting the right LLC formation service.

When you think about it, it’s the catalyst that will help your startup lift off. Not only that, it helps your startup stay compliant with the laws of the US states.

Now, two formation services that have high ratings are CorpNet and Bizee.

CorpNet is an established and all-rounded formation service that helps startups maintain compliance in the US.

Bizee is a service known for its affordable formation packages and free website design.

However, how do they compare the services they provide, and do they offer value for money?

Let’s find out in this CorpNet vs. Bizee comparison.

CorpNet vs. Bizee at a glance

SMB Guide’s Rating8/109.3/10CorpNet
Business Formation ServicesLLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, LLP, NonprofitsLLC, C-Corp, NonprofitsCorpNet
Processing Time30-40 days24-hour formation guaranteeBizee
Registered Agent Services and Costs$149/year1st year free, then $119/yearBizee
Name Availability SearchBizee
Online Document AccessTie
Money-Back Guarantees60 days24-hour noticeCorpNet
Platform User-FriendlinessSimple to navigateSimple and modernCorpNet
Customization OptionsCorpNet
Compliance AssistanceCorpNet
Industry-Specific ExpertiseEstablished in 2009Founded in 2003Bizee
Customer Education and ResourcesGuides, videos, and webinarsBlog and Youtube channelTie
Customer SupportPhone, email, and faxPhone, fax, email, and live chatBizee
Pricing$99 – $419$0 – $299Bizee
ScalabilityPackages are scalableConvert as you growTie

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CorpNet: Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing

CorpNet homepage

CorpNet is a service that helps entrepreneurs form LLC startups in any state in the US.

The service offers startups benefits like free corporate compliance tools, registered agents, and ongoing customer support once they incorporate. 

One thing that makes CorpNet stand out is the fast application process times. It can take just 24 hours for paperwork turnaround.

Not only that, the post-incorporation services they offer, like payroll tax registration.

Pros & Cons


Fast and reliable

100% satisfaction guarantee

Multiple business entities

Live experts at your service


No live-chat support

No mobile app


As a startup, you have the option to select from three standard processing packages: Basic, Deluxe, and Complete.

The services offer a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Here are the plan’s prices:

  • Basic: $99 + state fees
  • Deluxe: $219 + state fees
  • Complete: $269 + state fees

CorpNet is the smartest way to start a business, register for payroll taxes, and maintain business compliance across the United States.

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Bizee: Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing

bizee homepage

Bizee is a service that helps entrepreneurs form C-Corps, LLCs, S-Corps, and non-profits in any of the 50 US states.

The service offers a free incorporation package with standard services like registered agent and bank account opening.

Unlike most services, Bizee has a fast processing time of one day but it depends on the state.

Not only that, startups can choose extra services like annual report filing, license search, and more.

Pros & Cons


100% free Formation

Free 1-year registered agent

Fast filing speeds

Free compliance reminders


Mediocre customer service

Limited online features


Startups can choose from three packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium. One thing to note is that state fees vary with state.

Here are the plan’s prices:

  • Basic: $0 + $140 state fees
  • Standard: $199 + $140 state fees
  • Premium: $299 + $140 state fees

Business formation for as little as $0 + state fee. No contracts. No hidden fees.

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Business Formation Services

CorpNet offers entrepreneurs an extensive range of entity types to choose from when establishing a business in any of the 50 US states.

They include corporations, partnerships, and LLCs. Unlike Bizee, CorpNet adds non-profits and sole proprietors to their entities.

corpnet business formation services

The service also allows entrepreneurs to customize the formation packages by picking additional services.

They include dissolution, annual tax reports, foreign qualification, amendment filing, and more.

CorpNet services are comprehensive, covering the crucial formation processes and paperwork startups need.

You’ll also get an operating agreement when forming an LLC, but it’s only available in the deluxe packages.

Bizee also provides entrepreneurs with multiple entity types they can pick when forming a business in any US state.

They include LLCs, partnerships, and corporations. As an entrepreneur, you’ll also get to customize your formation packages by choosing additional features.

Bizee formation services

Unlike CorpNet, Bizee offers startups more customization options, such as EIN registration, contract templates, website design, and more.

You can also expect to get comprehensive formation services from Bizee. Unlike CorpNet, Incfile provides an operating agreement for all the packages for the LLC formation.

Not only that, startups get benefits and discounts on AWS, legal consultations, and more.

Winner: CorpNet

Processing Time

Startups can expect their paperwork standard turnaround time from CorpNet to take 30 – 40 days.

It is a slow process, but you can choose to expedite the process. One thing to note is that it costs $100 for the expedited service, and processing is in 24-48 hours.

The turnaround time of filing business formation paperwork also varies with the state and the entrepreneur’s plan.

However, the standard processing times are 40 days or 1-8 weeks. Unlike CorpNet, Bizee provides entrepreneurs with real-time order status tracking to see the formation process progress.

Not only that, you can request an expedited service which varies by state but ranges between $50 – $150.

The processing time for the expedited service is 24 hours.

Winner: Bizee

Registered Agent Services and Costs

Startups will find that CorpNet provides registered agent services at $149 annually. If you subscribe to the basic plan, you get a free trial for 60 days.

The service comes with perks like access to a compliance portal with tools that help track tax filing due dates. 

In addition, Corpnet provides ongoing customer support for compliance, and unlike Incfile, they do not impose additional fees for the registered agent service.

Bizee also provides startups with registered agent services at $119 annually.

Unlike CorpNet, Bizee offers a year-long free trial to startups that subscribe to the packages in the LLC formation service.

Startups also get access to essential notices and documents easily accessible on the platform’s dashboard.

However, unlike CorpNet, Bizee lacks a compliance portal with tools to help track tax filing due dates.

Not only that, you have to pay an extra $35 charge when you change to another registered agent.

Winner: Bizee

Name Availability Search

The name availability search tool on CorpNet is relatively straightforward and can be accessed through the website’s ‘Compare’ section. 

When using the name availability search tool on CorpNet, entrepreneurs need to input their desired name and select the state for incorporation.

The tool will then check for name availability. However, unlike Bizee, if the name is unavailable, CorpNet’s tool does not provide alternative suggestions.

Entrepreneurs are required to manually search for an available name or explore different variations of the name they wish to register.

Not only that, unlike Bizee, the tool doesn’t scan for trademark-free names or domain availability.

The tool’s accuracy is also poor since the service doesn’t guarantee the completeness of the search results.

Incfile provides a robust name availability search tool accessible through the website’s “Business Name Search” section.

An entrepreneur has to enter a name and choose a state for incorporation, and the tool will scan for availability.

Unlike CorpNet, the Bizee tool offers creative alternate names in case the first choice is unavailable.

Not only that, the tool is accurate since it scans the federal trademark and state business name databases.

The process is also fast, unlike CorpNet, and guarantees results completeness.

Winner: Bizee

Online Document Access

Entrepreneurs will find that CorpNet offers access to their documents through a custom dashboard called the “business information zone” (BIZ).

From there, you can view, print, or download your annual tax reports, formation certificates, legal paperwork, and more.

The BIZ feature is simple; navigating it is easy because it consolidates all the documents in one spot.

Bizee provides startups access to their documents online through a custom “client dashboard.”

Here, you can view, print, or download their compliance records, formation certificates, and other paperwork from there.

Like CorpNet, the dashboard is easy to navigate, consolidating all the documents in one place.

Winner: Tie

Money-Back Guarantees

CorpNet offers a 60-day money-back guarantee from the day of subscription, a feature not provided by Bizee.

Furthermore, CorpNet claims to rectify any errors made during the filing process at no additional cost.

However, it’s worth noting that the refund policy only covers the service fee, not the state fee or any third-party charges.

The service gives peace of mind to entrepreneurs, knowing there is a guarantee of results.

Bizee, on the other hand, doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. Alternatively, you get a 24-hour window whereby you can choose to cancel your order of document filing and request a refund.

Not only that, you’ll have to pay a $30 cancellation fee to process it. In case there are errors during the filing process, Bizee doesn’t offer compensation for delays or errors.

It is an inconvenient deal, and it doesn’t give peace of mind to startups once they commit to the service.

Winner: CorpNet

Platform User-Friendliness

CorpNet’s platform is known for being comprehensive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate through its services, a feature that sets it apart from Incfile.

The platform’s design is consistent, with a menu that neatly links to all the available features and services.

CorpNet interface

The platform provides clear and in-depth instructions for each package and service and displays it with a comparison chart.

Not only that, it provides an FAQ that digs deeper to answer entrepreneurs’ queries.

CorpNet also offers a secure dashboard where entrepreneurs can access their documents and notifications and manage data.

Bizee provides a modern interface that is easy to navigate and access any service.

The dashboard is also simple, and the menu contains quick links to features and services.

Similar to CorpNet, Bizee provides clear instructions for using each service, making it easy to complete any necessary steps.

Winner: CorpNet

Customization Options

Startups will find that CorpNet offers customization options where entrepreneurs can choose the features they can add or remove.

You can add a trademark search, corporate kit, or business license compliance package through the online order form.

Not only that, you can choose the state to incorporate through expedited services.

Bizee, on the other hand, doesn’t offer entrepreneurs customization options for their orders.

Instead, they have to subscribe to a package with their desired features. Unlike CorpNet, an entrepreneur cannot add or remove any of the features in a package.

The only option they get is picking a state of incorporation and an expedited service.

Winner: CorpNet

Compliance Assistance

Entrepreneurs will find that CorpNet provides an all-rounded compliance service through the BIZ portal.

It is a tool native to CorpNet that allows you to manage your paperwork and tax filing. 

Through the portal, you’ll get reminders on tax filing due dates and access to tools like tax calculators.

Not only that, the portal provides a library of state-specific forms and guides on amendments, tax filing, and a free consultation from CorpNet experts.

Bizee, on the other hand, provides a basic compliance service through a lifetime company alert program.

You don’t have to pay an extra charge to access it, and it’s available in the formation package. The programs help startups to get email alerts on tax filing due dates.

However, unlike CorpNet, you will not get management and filing tools like a tax calculator on Bizee.

Entrepreneurs have to pay extra to get their annual report filing assistance. Not only that, startups don’t get consultation support like in CorpNet.

Winner: CorpNet

Industry-Specific Expertise

CorpNet provides formation packages for specific states based on a startup industry and global location.

Not only that, the service provides resources and guides that are industry-specific, like hospitality or travel. 

The guides cover niche topics like staff recruitment, getting permits and licenses, entity types, and more.

The service also offers experts to guide entrepreneurs on the formation and growth of their startups in the US.

Incfile, on the other hand, provides a broad approach to business incorporation that fits multiple industries.

Entrepreneurs will also not find industry-specific resources or guides on the platform. 

The information in the articles and FAQ is generic, covering the basics of getting an EIN, filing tax returns, or picking a suitable business name.

Not only that, entrepreneurs don’t get consultation on incorporation processes. They have to hire a consultant on their own.

Winner: Bizee

Customer Education and Resources

Entrepreneurs will find the education resources provided by CorpNet to be in-depth and written by experts like business attorneys.

The service provides a resource center full of checklists and guides and a learning center with video tutorials, FAQs, ebooks, and webinars.

The resources cover extensive topics on marketing, business formation processes, and more.

The resources also cover the latest trends in the industry and get updated regularly.

Bizee also provides entrepreneurs with a resource center full of articles, FAQs, and video tutorials.

However, unlike CorpNet, content writers are the authors of the guides and topics who may not share the same level of expertise as experts.

It’s worth noting that while Bizee provides helpful resources, including a newsletter, they are not as in-depth as those offered by CorpNet.

Additionally, Bizee does not offer ebooks and webinars, a feature that sets it apart from CorpNet.

Winner: Tie

Customer Support

Startups will find CorpNet provides a live chat, email, fax, and phone as channels to reach out.

Unlike Bizee, CorpNet provides a dedicated representative who guides entrepreneurs through formation processes.

One thing to note is that the representatives are helpful and knowledgeable, providing consistency with their guides.

Bizee offers entrepreneurs phone, fax, and email as the channels to reach out.

Unlike CorpNet, Bizee support is multilingual with Spanish and English.

However, Bizee doesn’t provide a dedicated representative like CorpNet, but agents that respond to requests.

It is a drawback because the agent will not have consistency with the requests.

Winner: Bizee


With Corpnet, you can choose from three packages: Basic, Deluxe, and Complete.

The Basic plan is priced at $99 but does not include state fees. The Deluxe plan is available for $219, and the Complete plan is priced at $269, also excluding state fees.

It’s important to note that all these plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is a feature not offered by Bizee.

Entrepreneurs will pick from 3 Incfile packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The basic plan is free but includes a $140 state fee.

The standard plan costs $199, and the premium costs $299 plus a $140 state fee. Unlike CorpNet, the free basic package of Bizee offers more features than the Deluxe, which is a paid plan.

Winner: Bizee


CorpNet packages are scalable, where startups can subscribe to the Business License Compliance Package at $99 annually.

The service provides startups access to permits, license databases, and paperwork filing assistance.

Bizee also provides scalable services, but unlike CorpNet, they are free. They include amendments, dissolutions, and conversions but lack structure, like with CorpNet.

Not only that, the service offers a registered agent with an annual subscription that depends on the formation package.

Winner: Tie

Standout Features of CorpNet

Entrepreneurs will find that CorpNet offers services and features that Incfile doesn’t offer.

Here are 2 that stand out.

Business license compliance package

It is a subscription package that costs $99 annually and helps startups auto-renew their permits and licenses on time.

It is a crucial service since it helps entrepreneurs stay compliant as they scale their enterprises.

Business structure wizard

It is an online tool CorpNet provides to help startups come up with the ideal structure of their business during their formation.

The tool prompts entrepreneurs with questions and generates a custom suggestion on whether to form a non-profit, LLC, or C-Corp.

Not only that, the tool breaks down the benefits and drawbacks of each entity option.

Standout Features of Bizee

Besides the formation and incorporation services, Incfile offers some features that CorpNet lacks.

Here are 2 that stand out.

Free business formation plan

Entrepreneurs will find that Bizee has a free plan to subscribe to during their startup formation.

The only requirement is payment of state fees. One thing to note is that the package offers valuable features like a year-long free agent service, ongoing support, and more.

Entrepreneurs on a low budget will find it valuable.

Free domain name and website

Subscription to the Gold and Platinum packages qualifies a startup for a free domain name and website.

From there, the entrepreneur can customize the content using the library of free templates.

Not only that, the hosting, support, and security are free. It is a nice gesture for startups to launch their venture in the right way.

CorpNet vs. Bizee: SMB Guide’s Verdict

Our CorpNet vs. Bizee comparison shows that these two services are helpful to startups that are looking to form an entity in any of the 50 US states.

They provide similar services like educational resources, compliance assistance, and more.

On the other hand, they have different approaches to processing startup paperwork, support, and pricing their packages.

However, after compiling all the factors, CorpNet is the winner, and here is why.

CorpNet offers an all-rounded service with in-depth educational resources written by expert business attorneys.

The service also provides a money-back guarantee of 60 days and even compensates if there are errors.

The customer service provides a personalized touch, where an entrepreneur gets a dedicated representative for guidance.

A combination of these features that Bizee lacks makes CorpNet win this duel.

Bizee is a decent alternative because it offers cheaper packages and even a free silver plan.

The service also provides a free domain and website design for gold and platinum subscribers.

However, the lack of a money-back guarantee, a dedicated representative, and a basic name availability search tool makes it loose to CorpNet.

Choose CorpNet If

You want a formation service offering a dedicated representative to guide you, a compliance resource center, and a 60 day money-back guarantee.

Choose Bizee If

You want a formation service offering a free basic package and a year-long registered agent service.


CorpNet is the smartest way to start a business, register for payroll taxes, and maintain business compliance across the United States.

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