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7 Best Clerky Alternatives & Competitors

Does Clerky's narrow focus on Delaware C-Corps make you search for alternatives? Try one of these 7 best Clerky alternatives offering multiple entities.

Best Overall
Best for Non-U.S.
Best for Compliance

Firstbase helps anyone to build a US business.

Launch your U.S. Company from anywhere in the world, save money, save time, save stress.

Kickstart your business in minutes with LegalZoom's business formation services.

Best Overall

Firstbase helps anyone to build a US business.

Best for Non-U.S.

Launch your U.S. Company from anywhere in the world, save money, save time, save stress.

Best for Compliance

Kickstart your business in minutes with LegalZoom's business formation services.

Not convinced by Clerky’s expensive plans with a narrow focus on Delaware C-corps? Here are the 7 best Clerky alternatives offering various entity options with free plans.

Firstbase is our pick as the best Clerky alternative. It provides a good balance of formation, management, and legal tools at a reasonable price.

However, how do the other 6 compare? Let’s find out.

1. Firstbase

Firstbase homepage

Best suited for: Small and mid-sized businesses globally looking to incorporate an entity in any of the 50 states.

Pricing: $399 one-time fee


One-time free

Quick processing

Hands-on customer support

Great for startups


Limited state availability

Not scalability

Firstbase is a formation service that helps startups incorporate and manage their entities in the US from anywhere globally.


  • Formation Services: Whether you’re a resident or non-US resident, Firstbase will help you incorporate your LLC or corporation in any of the 50 states. The best part is that you get EIN registration, ongoing compliance support, and access to 350K reward offers.
  • Registered Agent Service: Firstbase provides registered agent services in all US states to help businesses stay compliant. The first year of the service is free, but after that, you must pay $149 annually for continued support.
  • EIN Registration: Businesses will get EIN registration included in the formation package. Firstbase acts as a third party when getting EIN for its clients, which is handy in bank account opening and tax filing.
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping: Sold as an add-on service for $99 monthly, businesses can request it and get a certified CPA to audit their books. The experts also offer advice on best practices to keep books updated.

Firstbase Vs Clerky

Best ForSmall and medium-sized enterprisesSmall businesses
Standout Feature350K in rewardsSupport for PBCs
Pricing$399 one-time fee$427 to $819


Firstbase suits global SMBs looking for hands-on support incorporating an LLC or corporation in any US state.

Its unique services include bookkeeping, 250K grants, and lifetime support.

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2. LegalZoom

LegalZoom homepage

Best suited for: SMBs looking for legal support in forming and managing an LLC, non-profit, or corporation.

Pricing: $149 – $349


Services in all 50 states

Flat-rate fees

60-day money-back period

Incredible customer support


Expensive add-ons

Turnaround time depends on the states

LegalZoom is a legal platform that provides SMBs with business formation and personal services like wills and trusts.


  • Business Licenses: LegalZoom simplifies finding the proper permits and licenses to run your business in any US state. Companies can request the service and get expert help applying for registrations. The service is an add-on priced at $99.
  • BOI Reporting: A new federal law requires all businesses to file a (Beneficial Owner Information) report annually for transparency. The good thing is that LegalZoom can help file the report to stay compliant. The service is an add-on priced at a fee of $149.
  • Compliance Calendar: It is a service that helps businesses stay on top of critical deadlines and avoid harsh penalties. Companies will get alerts on due dates for filing tax reports through the compliance calendar. The service is an add-on priced at $69 annually.
  • Registered Agent Services: Businesses in most states must have a registered agent to keep them in good standing. LegalZoom offers the service and businesses can purchase it for $249 annually.

LegalZoom Vs Clerky

Best ForSolopreneurs and SMBsSmall businesses
Standout FeatureRange of legal servicesSupport for PBCs
Pricing$149 – $349$427 to $819


LegalZoom fits small businesses looking for legal guidance in forming an entity and staying compliant. Its extensive range of legal services and free plan are its unique services.

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3. Doola

doola homepage

Best suited for: Non-US residents looking for expert guidance in forming and running an entity legally.

Pricing: $297/yr – $2,397/yr


All-in-one platform

Provides personalized support

Excellent support

Competitive pricing


Extra features don’t suit US citizens

Upsells are overdone

Doola is a formation service that provides non-US residents with incorporation services of LLCs, DAOs, or corporations.


  • Formation Services: Businesses don’t require an SSN when forming an entity with Doola because it includes free EIN registration in its packages. Entrepreneurs can also pick from multiple entities, such as DAO LLC, corporation, and LLC.
  • CPA Consultation: Subscribing to the ‘Total Compliance’ plan allows one-on-one CPA consultation. It is a handy service because businesses get personalized advice on preparing and filing returns.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Get a dedicated account manager when you purchase the ‘Total Compliance’ package. The account manager offers guidance and support on running and growing a business in complex markets like the US.
  • Money Transfer: Doola can facilitate international business transactions with 100+ countries with the convenience of USD deposits. It is a handy feature, especially for non-US residents looking to incorporate.

Doola Vs Clerky

Best ForMedium and large enterprisesSmall businesses
Standout FeatureDAO LLC formationSupport for PBCs
Pricing$297/yr – $2,397/yr$427 to $819


Doola fits non-US residents looking for hands-on support in forming an entity and staying compliant. Its unique selling points are international transfers to 100+ currencies and DAO LLC formation.

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4. Gust

gust homepage

Best suited for: MyCorporation is best suited for any business that needs legal filings to establish an LLC, corporation, or nonprofit.

Pricing: $300/yr – $3,000/yr


Post-incorporation services

Network of experts

Startups access equity

CPAs get accounting tool


Complex platform

Integration limitations

Gust is a formation service that helps tech businesses start, grow, get funded and incorporate as Delaware C-Corp.


  • Formation Services: Businesses can form a Delaware C-Corp through Gust to safeguard their venture from liabilities. It is also one of the best entity types ideal for startups to raise capital from investors.
  • Fundraising Support: Startups can raise funding through Gust ‘SAFE’ note. Gust simplifies the creation and issuance of convertible notes and SAFEs with e-signatures and board approvals.
  • Startup Legal Counsel: Gust connects startups with top law firms to help give legal guidance when forming a Delaware C-Corp. The good news is that the law firms provide waivers on retainer fees but deduct hourly charges for consultation.
  • Cap Table Modeling: Gust helps startups evaluate future fundraisers and find their impact on the business and shareholders. Entrepreneurs can model convertible notes or analyze exit events using the cap table data modeling tool.

Gust Vs Clerky

Best ForMid and large enterprisesSmall businesses
Standout FeatureCap table modelingSupport for PBCs
Pricing$300/yr – $3,000/yr$427 to $819


Gust fits high-growth tech startups looking for venture funding as a Delaware C-Corp after incorporation. Its cap table modeling, legal counsel, and equity management make it stand out.

5. Stripe Atlas

stripe atlas homepage

Best suited for: Stripe Atlas is best for companies who want to establish an LLC or C-corporation in Delaware.

Pricing: $500 + $100/year


Exclusive discounts

Stripe ecosystem

Built for founders

Automated process


Only LLC’s and C-Corps

Focus on Delaware incorporation

Stripe Atlas is a Stripe filing service that helps startups incorporated as an LLC or C-Corp in Delaware.


  • Accounting and Bookkeeping: Stripe Atlas partners with bookkeeping services like Pilot to offer business tax consultation. Startups get a 30-minute consultation with a Pilot tax expert and a 20% discount for the first filing year.
  • Stripe Payment Gateway: Businesses get access to the Stripe payment processor once they sign up for the service. It is a handy service that helps companies to collect payments from global customers.
  • Legal Templates: Startups can access a library of free annotated legal templates on Stripe Atlas for post-incorporation needs. They are helpful and make it unnecessary to look for an actual attorney to prepare one for you.
  • Registered Agent: Stripe Atlas offers businesses a free year-long registered agent after incorporation. After, businesses can opt for ongoing services for $100 billed annually from the second year.

Stripe Atlas Vs Clerky

CriteriaStripe AtlasClerky
Best ForFirst-time founders and SMBsSmall businesses
Standout FeatureStripe ecosystemSupport for PBCs
Pricing$500 + $100/year$427 to $819


Stripe Atlas fits startups looking for an incorporation service with a built-in payment processor. Its Stripe ecosystem integration and bookkeeping support make it stand out.

6. CorpNet

CorpNet homepage

Best suited for: SMBs looking for hands-on incorporation service with quick turnaround times.

Pricing: $99 – $419


Fast and reliable

100% satisfaction guarantee

Multiple business entities

Live experts at your service


No live-chat support

No mobile app

CorpNet is a filing service offering business formation, incorporation, and continued compliance support.


  • Turnaround Time: Businesses will find that Corpnet offers quick processing times within 24 hours if you purchase the Deluxe or Complete packages. Compared to competitors, it is in line with their expedited processing options.
  • Apostille Certification: CorpNet facilitates Apostille certification processing for US-based businesses seeking to establish branches overseas. CorpNet requests the certificate on behalf of your entity from the secretary of state in the incorporation state.
  • Business Structure Wizard: CorpNet offers this tool to help businesses create a suitable model to run their operations. The tool asks entrepreneurs questions and compiles a recommendation of the best entity to choose.
  • Foreign Qualification: Most states require businesses to register as a foreign entity if they want to conduct operations in other states. The good thing is that CorpNet can guide entrepreneurs in foreign qualification and filing.

CorpNet Vs Clerky

Best ForSmall businessesSmall businesses
Standout FeatureApostille certificationSupport for PBCs
Pricing$99 – $419$427 to $819


CorpNet suits SMBs looking for personalized formation services when incorporating an entity. Its apostille certification, multiple entity options, and robust registered agent make it stand out.

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7. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands homepage

Best suited for: SMBs struggling with initial formation processes, post-incorporation management, and branding.

Pricing: $0-$249/year


Free plan available

Easy setup wizard

Logo creation

Additional services to support your business


Only works for LLCs

2 week wait time on entry plan

Tailor Brands is a filing service offering business formation, management, and branding services.


  • Sales Tax Permit: Most states require businesses looking to sell or lease products to get a seller permit to include sales tax. The good news is that Tailor Brands can help file the necessary paperwork and get a sales tax permit.
  • Business Licenses and Permits: Businesses can use Tailor Brands’ easy-to-follow report summarizing the required registrations, permits, and licenses. Through it, startups can request Tailor Brands to help register for licenses to stay compliant in any state.
  • Logo Maker: It is the core feature of Tailor Brands, which allows startups and small businesses to create a logo unique to their brand. The logo maker uses AI to generate unique designs that stand out.
  • Domain Registration: Once a business creates its unique logo using the Tailor Brands logo maker, the next step is securing a domain name. Tailor Brands helps businesses develop a brandable name for their website to help build an online footprint.

Tailor Brands Vs Clerky

CriteriaTailor BrandsClerky
Best ForStartups and SMBsSmall businesses
Standout FeatureLogo makerSupport for PBCs
Pricing$0-$249/year$427 to $819


Tailor Brands suits startups that need hands-on support with formation, management, and post-incorporation branding. Its selling points are its logo maker, free package, and bookkeeping support.

Get started with Tailor Brands today!

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Which Clerky alternative should I use?

Clerky offers one of the best online legal filing services for high-growth tech startups looking to incorporate Delaware C-Corps.

Its legal services, templates, checklists, and ongoing compliance support make it stand out.

However, its limited scope on legal matters of incorporation, lack of a mobile app, and expensive packages can be a deal breaker for some small businesses.

That’s why we recommend these 7 best Clerky alternatives. They offer a good balance of formation services at an affordable price point.

Pick one that fits your business model and budget!

Recap of Clerky alternatives:

  1. Firstbase
  2. LegalZoom
  3. Doola
  4. Gust
  5. Stripe Atlas
  6. CorpNet
  7. Tailor Brands

Firstbase helps anyone to build a US business. Start a company, set up banking, payments, and payroll, and manage a business — online, from anywhere.

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