15 Chatbot Business Ideas to Help Grow Your Company

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As the world continues to expand rapidly, innovation is the key to success. 

Specifically, technologies that help businesses to grow are emerging more than ever before!

One of these approaches uses chatbots or web programs that can perform human-like conversations and tasks through text or voice.

In fact, it is predicted that about 95% of customer interactions will be facilitated by chatbots. 

So, if you’re interested in implementing this technology into your business, we’ve devised 15 business scenarios to assist with business growth and success. 

Whether your business is established or brand new, you can benefit from learning about the perks of using a chatbot. 

We’ll discuss customer service, healthcare, social media, and many more chatbots in this article to provide you with a comprehensive overview of what chatbots can bring to your business.

Top 15 interesting chatbot business ideas

AI Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots are the most general chatbots, yet can also be considered the most versatile at the same time. 

AI chatbots are designed to help customers with a wide range of questions and concerns. 

AI chatbots are advantageous for many reasons, including 24/7 readiness, reduced workforce requirements, efficiency increases, and potential improvements in customer experience.

Example: ChatGPT

ChatGPT homepage

Customer Service Chatbot

A common misconception is that people prefer humans to chatbot features.

However, as chatbots have become smarter and more adaptable, it can be difficult to differentiate a conversation with a chatbot from a real person. 

Plus, chatbot customer service representatives are online 24/7, so customers can reach out to them at any convenient time.

Example: HubSpot Chat Builder

hubspot chatbot homepage
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Ecommerce Chatbot

eCommerce businesses can use chatbots, too! These chatbots assist with product recommendations, purchasing, and finding the right items. 

eCommerce chatbots can increase sales revenue by over 66%, suggesting that this technology may improve your business profit margins substantially. 

Example: Gorgias

Gorgias homepage

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Appointment Scheduling Chatbot

Appointment scheduling can be a tedious process that takes up way too much time. 

Fortunately, appointment scheduling chatbots are able to take on this task.

Appointment scheduling chatbots streamline the scheduling process of a business by increasing its efficiency and resolving timing conflicts.

Example: OnceHub

OnceHub homepage

Lead Generation Chatbot

Lead generation is the process of obtaining new potential customers and sparking their interest through various marketing and professional strategies.

In terms of chatbot technology, lead generation chatbots are tasked with capturing leads that are of high quality for your business. 

These chatbots begin discussions with potential leads and collect information, which can be used by a business on an individual or collective basis. 

Ultimately, lead generation chatbots can automate the data collection process for targeted marketing purposes. 

Example: Landbot

Landbot homepage

Landbot is a no-code chatbot platform that empowers businesses to build frictionless conversational experiences from end to end.

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Survey Chatbot

Survey chatbots can be an extension of a customer service or lead generation chatbot, or they can stand on their own.

The purpose of this chatbot type is to gather insights from customers through an interactive survey or conversation. 

It is important to remember that not every customer will want to participate in a survey for your company, so making the survey as short and easy as possible is the best way to increase your survey completion rate.

Example: SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey homepage

FAQ Chatbot

FAQ (or Frequently Asked Question) chatbots are typically simpler, as they are created with the sole task of answering frequently asked questions. 

Usually, FAQ chatbots are a temporary replacement for a human customer service representative that helps businesses narrow down questions that cannot be solved by pre-written answers or tutorials.

Example: FAQ Bot

FAQ Bot homepage

Customer Onboarding Chatbot

Customer onboarding chatbots are perfect for getting new customers or clients signed up for a program, service, or product. 

For example, gyms can use customer onboarding chatbots to assist members in signing up or renewing their membership. 

All the customer would have to do is enter their information and the chatbot can handle the rest.

Isn’t that neat?

Example: Product Fruits

Product Fruits homepage

Social Media Chatbot

Currently, almost 5 billion people use social media regularly, and this number will continue to increase over time. 

Therefore, having reliable and ever-present user assistants that can solve individual issues is not feasible – which is why companies like Meta have opted out of having this feature altogether. 

However, an intelligent solution to this issue is using social media chatbots that can assist users with any number of queries. 

Then, the users that have more complex concerns should be directed to a human assistant.

Example: Hootsuite

Hootsuite homepage

Order Tracking Chatbot

One of the most fun parts about ordering anything – food, clothing, furniture, you name it – is watching the order progress over time until it eventually lands at your door. 

However, sometimes companies don’t offer order tracking until shipping – or even afterward. 

Installing an order tracking chatbot would enable customers to easily check the status of their order, or report a problem (such as delivery to the wrong address).

Example: Gallabox

Gallabox homepage

Airline/Hotel Booking Chatbot

Booking airline tickets and hotels for an upcoming vacation or business trip can be a confusing process, as there are often many prompts and even more options. 

Luckily, airline/hotel booking chatbots can help customers through the process of booking, and might even inspire the sale! 

Interestingly, a company could combine an airline and booking chatbot to make a single location for booking.

Example: Asksuite

Asksuite homepage

Real Estate Chatbot

Real estate chatbots can help users with a variety of tasks, such as finding suitable properties, scheduling viewings, and making informed decisions about their next property purchase. 

Ultimately, real estate chatbots can speed up the sale by taking on users’ requirements and finding them the perfect home, office, or other space.

Example: Realty Chatbot

Realty Chatbot homepage

Restaurant Chatbot

If you operate a restaurant business in a busy city with many options for dining, restaurant chatbots can be a lifesaver.

If people want to make reservations or seek out menu details, they can be referred to your chatbot.

A restaurant chatbot is sure to enhance the overall experience of booking and dining at your restaurant for customers.

This is especially true if your restaurant delivers food as well.

Example: Hazlnut

Hazlnut homepage

Finance Chatbot

Finance chatbots are terrific for assisting customers of banks, loan offices, and other financial institutions.

These chatbots can help with banking questions, financial planning, and even investment options. 

Chatbots that are more heavily programmed may also be able to act as personal finance managers. 

They can encourage users to create a favorable financial plan or sign up for certain accounts, while also fielding more complex questions.

Example: Watsonx Assistant

IBM Watsonx homepage

Healthcare Chatbot

While healthcare chatbots cannot and should not provide diagnostic or treatment information to patients, they can be truly helpful. 

Healthcare chatbots can assist with appointment scheduling and health-related advice (such as when to call 911 or book an appointment), as well as reduce the burden of hospital administration costs.

Also, some patients may have concerns that they do not wish to speak with human receptionists about but would be more than happy to type it out to a chatbot.

In this way, healthcare chatbots are great for increasing care accessibility.

Example: Ushur

Ushur homepage

Build a Profitable Chatbot Business Today

As you can see, chatbots can perform a wide range of tasks for businesses across multiple industries. 

This far-reaching technology is being integrated into most businesses for its monopoly on efficiency, cost, and customizability.

Begin today by exploring the possibilities that chatbots can open for your business type and structure.

Good luck with all of your future business and technology endeavors.

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