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7 Best Firstbase Alternatives & Competitors

Not sure if Firstbase's pricey plans are worth it to help start a dropshipping venture in the US? Here are the 7 best Firstbase alternatives we’ve tested.

Best Overall
Best for LLCs
Best for Compliance

Launch your U.S. Company from anywhere in the world, save money, save time, save stress.

ZenBusiness has all the tools you need in one place to start, run, and grow your own business.

Kickstart your business in minutes with LegalZoom's business formation services.

Best Overall

Launch your U.S. Company from anywhere in the world, save money, save time, save stress.

Best for LLCs

ZenBusiness has all the tools you need in one place to start, run, and grow your own business.

Best for Compliance

Kickstart your business in minutes with LegalZoom's business formation services.

Struggling with Firstbase’s lack of comprehensive legal guidance and pricey packages? We’ve picked the 7 best Firstbase alternatives after research and thorough testing.

Doola is our pick as the best alternative. It offers the best balance of services, pricing, and RA.

However, how do the other six compare? Let’s find out.

1. Doola

doola homepage

Best suited for: Non-US residents looking to form a startup, DAO, or consultancy in any US state.

Pricing: $297/yr – $2,397/yr


All-in-one platform

Provides personalized support

Excellent support

Competitive pricing


Extra features don’t suit US citizens

Upsells are overdone

Doola is a business formation and incorporation service that helps residents and non-US citizens form entities like DAO LLC, C-Corp, and LLCs.


  • Registered Agent – Doola provides RA services that ensure a business gets a dedicated rep who will help meet compliance obligations. It also acts as a point of contact for tax and legal matters.
  • Financial Management – Doola provides support to businesses in their daily financial management. Entrepreneurs access bookkeeping software like Quickbooks to ensure they’re on track.
  • Total Compliance Plan – Businesses can subscribe to the compliance plan that provides more than formation services. Other benefits they get include annual state filings, free CPA consultation, expedited formation, and more.
  • Business Formation Support – The service guides entrepreneurs step by step on incorporating an LLC. It also provides ongoing support personalized for your business.

Doola Vs BetterLegal

Best ForStartups, ecommerce businesses, or DAOs for non-US citizensLLC and C-Corp
Standout FeatureStreamline LLC formation$350K+ reward offers
Pricing$297/yr – $2,397/yr$399 one-time fee


Non-US residents will find Doola suitable to help them form an entity in any state. Its unique points are its Wyoming DAO LLC formation, 60-day money-back guarantee, and total compliance package.

Get started with Doola today

Get started with Doola

2. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness homepage

Best suited for: Entrepreneurs looking to incorporate their SME in any US state and ensure future compliance.

Pricing: $199/yr – $349/yr


$0 starter plan

1 year free registered agent

Fast filing

Expert customer service


Limited online features

EIN unavailable on starter pack

ZenBusiness is a business formation service that helps entrepreneurs form LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, and DBA entities in any US state.


  • DBA Registration – Entrepreneurs looking to run their business with a name that differs from their legal business name can request this service. The service guides businesses on the registration and development of the agreements.
  • New York State Business Formation Publication – The state of New York has a mandatory publication requirement for businesses running in its jurisdiction. ZenBusiness offers assistance with compliance requirements.
  • Registered Agent Service – ZenBusiness provides the service as an add-on priced at $199 annually. The service provides formation correspondence with the state and other legal notices on your behalf.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – ZenBusiness offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for its services. The guarantee covers all services except state fees.

ZenBusiness Vs BetterLegal

Best ForEntrepreneurs and small businessLLC and C-Corp
Standout FeatureExpedited filing$350K+ reward offers
Pricing$199/yr – $349/yr$399 one-time fee


Startups looking for an affordable service to help form and incorporate an entity in any US state will find ZenBusiness ideal.

Its extensive entity options, including DBA registration, are its standout points.

Start an LLC with ZenBusiness

Get started with ZenBusiness

3. LegalZoom

LegalZoom homepage

Best suited for: Solopreneurs and Startups struggling with legal compliance complexities.

Pricing: $149 – $349


Services in all 50 states

Flat-rate fees

60-day money-back period

Incredible customer support


Expensive add-ons

Turnaround time depends on the states

LegalZoom is an online legal platform that helps entrepreneurs with services like business formation, writing wills, and trusts.


  • Customizable Website – LegalZoom has a partnership with WIX CMS to create a website that businesses can customize to their liking. It is a handy feature that helps startups and SMEs grow their reach.
  • Range of Legal Services – Entrepreneurs looking for a service that provides more than entity formation will find LegalZoom all-rounded. The service assists with patents, copyrights, wills, power of attorney, and more.
  • Mobile App – Startups that incorporate as LLCs or corporations can use the LegalZoom mobile app. Entrepreneurs can then track their formation paperwork on the go.
  • Registered Agent Service – Priced at $299 annually, businesses can access a wide range of services. Some include due date alerts, unlimited cloud storage, and more.

LegalZoom Vs BetterLegal

Best ForEntrepreneurs and small business ownersLLC and C-Corp
Standout FeatureUnlimited legal consultations$350K+ reward offers
Pricing$149 – $349$399 one-time fee


Solopreneurs and SMEs looking for legal support in forming an entity will find LegalZoom ideal. Its selling points are DBA registration, WIX website creation, and unlimited 30-minute legal consultation.

Start a business with LegalZoom today

Get started with LegalZoom

4. CorpNet

CorpNet homepage

Best suited for: Entrepreneurs looking for a personalized business formation service with fast turnaround times.

Pricing: $99 – $419


Fast and reliable

100% satisfaction guarantee

Multiple business entities

Live experts at your service


No live-chat support

No mobile app

CorpNet is a business formation service with 26 years of experience helping entrepreneurs incorporate their ventures in any US state.


  • Formation Services – CorpNet offers comprehensive formation services, covering the crucial formation and paperwork startups need. Startups also get an operating agreement when forming an LLC, but it’s only available in the deluxe packages.
  • Registered Agent Services – CorpNet provides registered agent services at $149 annually. However, the basic plan only offers it for 60 days. The service includes access to a compliance portal with tools that help track tax filing due dates.
  • Compliance Support – CorpNet provides an all-inclusive compliance service through the BIZ portal. It is a tool native to CorpNet that allows SMEs to manage their paperwork and tax filing. 
  • Business Structure Wizard – It is an online tool CorpNet provides to help startups develop the ideal structure of their business. The tool asks entrepreneurs questions and compiles a recommendation of the best entity to choose.

CorpNet Vs BetterLegal

Best ForStartups and small businessesLLC and C-Corp
Standout FeatureRegistered Agent services$350K+ reward offers
Pricing$99 – $419$399 one-time fee


If you prefer a personalized service when forming an entity in any US state, then CorpNet is an ideal platform.

Its BOI reporting and entity conversion are its unique points.

Start a business with CorpNet today

Get started with CorpNet

5. Stripe Atlas

stripe atlas homepage

Best suited for: Entrepreneurs looking to form and incorporate their startup as an LLC in Delaware.

Pricing: $500 + $100/year


Exclusive discounts

Stripe ecosystem

Built for founders

Automated process


Only LLC’s and C-Corps

Focus on Delaware incorporation

Stripe Atlas is a Stripe product providing business formation services to residents and non-US residents.


  • Formation Services – Stripe Atlas provides comprehensive services for incorporation. Startups choose between 2 entity types to incorporate in Delaware: LLC or C-Corp. The service also handles paperwork filing and any necessary fees during formation.
  • Business Tax Services – If your startup is struggling with bookkeeping, Stripe Atlas offers tax consultation and filing services from Pilot. The best part is that startups get a free 30-minute consultation with a tax expert from Pilot. Plus, a 20% discount for tax filing in the first year.
  • Registered Agent Services – Startups get free registered agent services for the first year of incorporation. After the first year, businesses can opt for ongoing services for $100 billed annually.
  • Annual Tax Filing – Startups can request support with filing their annual tax report with the state of Delaware. Stripe Atlas also offers guides and notifications on due dates.

Stripe Atlas Vs BetterLegal

CriteriaStripe AtlasFirstbase
Best ForTech industry ecommerce startupsLLC and C-Corp
Standout FeatureStripe ecosystem$350K+ reward offers
Pricing$500 + $100/year$399 one-time fee


Non-US residents looking to form and incorporate an LLC or C-Corp in Delaware will find Stripe Atlas suitable.

Its outstanding RA and Stripe ecosystem integration are its unique points.

6. Clerky

clerky homepage

Best suited for: Businesses looking to incorporate their venture as Delaware C-Corp.

Pricing: $427 to $819


Fundraising support

Option for pay-per-service

Native collaboration features

Legal compliance for startups


Only does C-Corps

No money-back guarantee

Clerky is an online legal service that helps startups with business formation and setup after incorporation.


  • Formation Services – Clerky focuses on Delaware C-Corps formation, particularly for startups looking for venture capital funding. Businesses will also find Clerky offers comprehensive post-incorporation services. Clerky can help hire your staff, issue stock options, and more.
  • Compliance Support – Clerky offers free annual tax filing services and even sends notifications when the due date nears. Not only that, Clerky provides forms and guidance on how to update corporate info through their site.
  • Registered Agent Services – Clerky offers free registered agent services to startups for the first year. After that, businesses pay $125 annually. The services are reliable, and you receive paperwork and legal services timely. 
  • Processing Times – Clerky offers a 2-3 days turnaround after payment and completing the online forms. One thing to note is that government processing times may vary with the state of incorporation.

Clerky Vs BetterLegal

Best ForStartupsLLC and C-Corp
Standout FeatureFundraising and hiring support$350K+ reward offers
Pricing$427 to $819$399 one-time fee


Startups looking to incorporate a C-Corp in Delaware will find Clerky services suitable. Its pay-per-use packages, fundraising, and hiring support are its selling points.

7. StartGlobal

StartGlobal homepage

Best suited for: Non-US residents looking to incorporate their venture as an LLC in any of the 50 US States.

Pricing: $399 + state fees


100% satisfaction guarantee

Formation in 50 states

Expert bookkeepers

Exceptional customer service


Pricey ad-on services

Not scalable

StartGlobal is a business formation service that helps entrepreneurs incorporate their LLCs in any US state.


  • LLC Formation – StartGlobal specializes in LLC formation, and non-US residents can use the services to create or migrate their venture to any US state. 
  • Ongoing Support – Businesses will get ongoing support where they connect with a CPA and an attorney for guidance on tax filing. The CPA offers expertise in preparing your books and staying compliant.
  • Registered Agent Services – Get registered agent services at $99 annually. The services businesses get include a compliance portal with tools that help track tax filing due dates.
  • Annual Tax Filing – With StartGlobal, you can request support by filing your annual tax report. Whether it’s state, federal, or extension filing, StartGlobal has you covered.

StartGlobal Vs BetterLegal

Best ForStartups and ecommerceLLC and C-Corp
Standout FeatureBookkeeping support$350K+ reward offers
Pricing$399 + state fees$399 one-time fee


StartGlobal focuses on LLC formation, and non-US residents will find it incorporates businesses in all 50 states.

Its bookkeeping and invoicing support are its standout points.

Which Firstbase alternative should I use?

Ecommerce businesses, including drop shipping, will find Firstbase offers suitable services for forming an LLC in the US.

Not only that, Firstbase can help entrepreneurs transfer their existing venture into the US market.

However, Firstbase has downsides like pricey services and lack of comprehensive legal support. 

That’s why we recommend these 7 Firstbase alternatives. They offer a blend of simple platforms for LLC formation for non-US residents and all-rounded platforms for multiple entities.

So, pick a service that matches your needs and budget.

Recap of Firstbase alternatives

  1. Doola
  2. ZenBusiness
  3. LegalZoom
  4. CorpNet
  5. Clerky
  6. Stripe Atlas
  7. StartGlobal

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