CorpNet vs. LegalZoom: Which incorporation service is best?

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Discover the ideal business formation partner for your needs with our in-depth comparison of CorpNet vs. LegalZoom.

Explore services, pricing, and features to make an informed choice.

$99 - $419
$149 - $349
Best For:
Businesses looking for LLC formation services, business filings and compliance services, licenses, and permits
Best For:
Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals seeking accessible and cost-effective legal and tax assistance.
$99 - $419
Best For:
Businesses looking for LLC formation services, business filings and compliance services, licenses, and permits
$149 - $349
Best For:
Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals seeking accessible and cost-effective legal and tax assistance.

Are you gearing up for the exciting journey of business formation and searching for the perfect partner to accompany you on this adventure?

Well, you’re in the right place! Let’s dive into an in-depth comparison between CorpNet and LegalZoom, two trusted companions dedicated to simplifying the complexities of business formation, compliance, and more. 

Now, let’s dive into the heart of the matter: 

  • Which one is the ideal fit for your specific needs? 
  • Are you aiming for the best bang for your buck, or do you value comprehensive support above all? 
  • Do you prioritize simplicity or need all the bells and whistles? 

These questions, and more, are what we’re here to tackle. Whether you’re a startup visionary or a seasoned business pro, deciding between CorpNet and LegalZoom is a pivotal moment. 

Join us as we navigate this exciting comparison journey, and together, we’ll find your perfect business formation match!

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CorpNet vs. LegalZoom at a glance

SMB Guide’s Rating8/108.5/10CorpNet
Business Formation ServicesLLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, LLP, NonprofitsLLC, partnership, C-Corp, non-profit, or DBATie
Processing Time30-40 days5 to 14 daysLegalZoom
Registered Agent Services and Costs$149/year$249/yearCorpNet
Name Availability SearchCorpNet
Online Document AccessCorpNet
Money-Back Guarantees60 days60 daysCorpNet
Platform User-FriendlinessSimple to navigateAesthetic UITie
Customization OptionsTie
Compliance AssistanceTie
Industry-Specific ExpertiseFounded in 2009Founded in 2001LegalZoom
Customer Education and ResourcesTie
Customer SupportPhone, email, and faxPhone, live chat, emailLegalZoom
Pricing$99 – $419$149 – $349CorpNet

CorpNet: Key Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing

CorpNet homepage

CorpNet offers business formation services for all kinds of businesses including LLC, partnerships, corporations, nonprofits and sole proprietorships.

They also offer business name reservations, name availability search, and comprehensive trademark search options within the law and government data sources.

If you’re an existing business, you can get help with business filings and compliance services and get nationwide registered agent services.

Additionally, CorpNet also offers easy access to all documents, certificates, and reports needed for business filing and compliance.

Pros & Cons


Fast and reliable

100% satisfaction guarantee

Multiple business entities

Live experts at your service


No live-chat support

No mobile app


CorpNet offer three pricing plans:

corpnet pricing
  • Basic package starting at $99 + state fee with Standard Processing
  • Deluxe package starting at $219 + state fee with Standard Processing
  • Complete package starting at $269 + state fee with Standard Processing

CorpNet is the smartest way to start a business, register for payroll taxes, and maintain business compliance across the United States.

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LegalZoom: Key Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing

LegalZoom homepage

LegalZoom brand itself as a renowned online legal service provider, offers a range of key features that have solidified its reputation as a go-to platform for various legal needs. 

LegalZoom simplifies the process of starting a business by providing comprehensive business formation services.

They assist with entity selection, name reservation, document filing, and more.

They also provide registered agent services to help businesses stay compliant with legal requirements and receive important documents and notifications.

You also get access to a diverse library of legal documents and templates, simplifying tasks like drafting contracts, wills, and more. 

Where LegalZoom differentiates itself is with the focus on attorney expertise.

While not a substitute for an attorney, LegalZoom offers access to legal advice through their legal plan services, allowing customers to consult with attorneys on various matters.

Pros & Cons


100% satisfaction guarantee

User-friendly and easy processes

Incredible customer support

Wide range of legal services


Expensive add-ons

Registered Agent service is expensive


LegalZoom’s pricing varies depending on the specific services and packages you choose.

legalzoom llc pricing

Business formation packages for LLCs (their most popular opted plan) start at $0 + state filing fees, while additional services like registered agent services, legal plans, and trademark registration have their own pricing structures.


Kickstart your business in minutes with LegalZoom's business formation services.

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Business Formation Services

The business formation experts at CorpNet can help you launch a company by submitting the required paperwork.

corpnet business formation services

With them, you can register various types of businesses including:

  • LLC
  • C Corporation
  • S Corporation
  • Professional Corporation
  • Non-Profit
  • Sole Proprietorship 
  • Partnership

They prepare all the required documentation and take care of all the paperwork so you can get going right away.

LegalZoom is well-known for its extensive range of business formation services, catering to various entity types. This includes: 

LegalZoom business structures
  • LLCs which are popular for their flexibility and liability protection. They guide you through the process of choosing a unique name, filing the necessary documents, and ensuring compliance with state regulations.
  • Corporations, including C corporations and S corporations. They help you select and reserve a business name, file articles of incorporation, and meet the legal requirements for corporate structures.
  • General partnerships and limited partnerships, including assistance with naming and filing the necessary documents.

While their process streamlines many aspects of incorporation, they also allow users to tailor their services to some extent. 

You can choose from different packages based on your specific needs, which may include additional features like registered agent services, employer identification number (EIN) acquisition, and more.

This flexibility allows businesses to select services that align with their unique requirements and budget constraints.

For this category, both CorpNet and LegalZoom tie due to the similar range of formation services that they offer.

✅ Winner: Tie

Processing Time

CorpNet has three file business creation processing timelines: Standard, Express, and 24-hour Rush processing.

Depending on the state, the standard time taken varies anywhere from 20 to 30 days on standard time.

corpnet processing times

CorpNet can file the documents on the same day, Monday through Friday with express time and they also offer the fastest 24-Hour Rush Processing that can be done in a day.

However, rush and express services are not available in all states. You can also pay an expediting charge to speed up the state office processing.

The processing time of online documents is 24 hours from the date the certificates are ordered and when the order is received.

For compliance-related documents, the processing can take up to a few weeks.

LegalZoom typically provides a standard processing time frame for each service they offer.

This time frame can vary based on the type of service and the specific requirements of your order.

LegalZoom processing time

In general, standard processing times for business formation services and document filings with government agencies can range from 5 to 14 business days.

This means that once you initiate the process, it may take up to two weeks to receive your completed documentation.

LegalZoom also offers expedited processing options for many of their services. However, expedited processing often comes with an additional fee.

The cost and availability of expedited processing can vary depending on the specific service and your location.

It’s important to note that in both CorpNet and LegalZoom’s case, some aspects of processing times are not entirely within their.

Government agencies, such as state authorities, play a role in the processing of documents, and their timelines can vary. 

While both entities strive to process and submit documents to government agencies promptly, but the actual approval or registration time may depend on the responsiveness of these agencies.

However, LegalZoom has a slight edge over CorpNet on the processing times from reviews given by customers and promised timelines.

Therefore, LegalZoom wins this category.

✅ Winner: LegalZoom

Registered Agent Services and Costs

With retail prices beginning at $149 and unit prices starting at $119 for up to 50 units, CorpNet provides registered agent services in all 50 states.

corpnet registered agent pricing

Note: State and shipping and handling taxes are not included in this pricing.

Additionally, they offer free registered agent services for a year with the Deluxe and Complete business formation packages, and for six months with the Basic business formation package.

For a price of $249 per year, LegalZoom offers registered agent services as part of their comprehensive suite of business support services.

legalzoom registered-agent pricing

This is essential for businesses, especially if they operate in multiple states.

Using LegalZoom’s RA services, you can:

  • Receive and handle critical legal documents, such as tax notifications, legal summons, and other official correspondence on behalf of the business.
  • Maintain the privacy of business owners, as the registered agent’s address is used for public records, rather than the owner’s personal address. 
  • Get the support and expertise of a reputable legal services provider, particularly valuable for new business owners who may not be familiar with legal compliance requirements.

CorpNet’s Registered Agent services are similar in functionality, but they also offer more value for money with an affordable pricing point compared to LegalZoom.

Hence, CorpNet wins this category.

✅ Winner: CorpNet

Name Availability Search

CorpNet offers a search within the state registration database to see if the requested business name is available.

corpnet name search

The procedure is straightforward and easy to follow. You just need to complete an online form with your contact information, company name, location, and type.

And CorpNet will conduct a thorough check to make sure the state government won’t object to you using the chosen name.

LegalZoom doesn’t currently offer a standalone name availability search tool on their website.

Instead, LegalZoom integrates name availability searches into the services provided when you choose one of their packages.

LegalZoom name availability search

While this approach streamlines the overall process of business formation or incorporation, it’s a drawback when compared to some competitors that offer free and comprehensive online name search tools. 

The absence of a dedicated name search tool on LegalZoom’s website may also be less convenient for individuals who prefer to conduct initial name checks independently before committing to services. 

Although both entities lack a dedicated (and free) search tool, CorpNet offers more guidance on the government-approved sites to visit to do your own free name check. 

For that reason, CorpNet wins this category.

✅ Winner: CorpNet

Online Document Access

Easy online document access is provided by CorpNet.

corpnet online document access

They grant access to documents including:

  • Operating Agreement for LLCs 
  • Member Certificates for LLCs
  • Corporate Stock Certificates 

After the order is placed and the certificates are received, all of these documents will be processed within a day.

They also provide access to important compliance records, such as:

  • Initial Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Certificates of Good Standing
  • Document Certification Copies
  • Apostille

These compliance documents can take a few weeks to process but you can go for rush processing to speed it up.

LegalZoom’s approach to online document access differs from some other service providers in the legal industry.

legalzoom legal forms

When using LegalZoom, you won’t find an extensive online repository of your business documents and filings that you can access digitally.

Instead, LegalZoom typically sends your original documents and filings to you by mail, including important documents like your annual report.

However, LegalZoom does offer a valuable resource in the form of an online database of templates for various legal forms and documents.

These templates cover a wide range of legal needs and can be accessed in PDF format.

Users can browse and download these templates to assist with tasks such as drafting contracts, agreements, wills, and more.

This can be especially helpful for individuals and businesses looking to handle various legal matters independently without the need for extensive legal expertise.

Due to LegalZoom’s lack of an online repository for users to store and view their documents, CorpNet wins this particular category.

✅ Winner: CorpNet

Money-Back Guarantees

CorpNet provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on their services and will reimburse your complete service charge if you are dissatisfied with the document filing services.

corpnet guarantee

If they file your paperwork wrong, they promise to promptly repair the issue at no further expense to you. 

However, the Guarantee is only valid for the recovery of CorpNet’s service fees; it does not cover shipping and handling expenses and refund claims can only be fulfilled if they are made within 60 days of the Service’s purchase date.

LegalZoom offers a guarantee, known as the””LZ Guarantee,” which reflects their commitment to quality and accuracy in providing legal services.

LegalZoom guarantee

While this guarantee does provide some level of assurance to customers, it’s important to note that it is not a traditional money-back guarantee.

The LZ Guarantee essentially states that LegalZoom stands behind their products and services.

If LegalZoom makes a mistake on your order, they will correct it at no additional cost to you. 

But LegalZoom’s guarantee doesn’t include a clear, straightforward money-back policy for dissatisfaction or changing one’s mind about a service.

In cases where customers are not satisfied with a service for reasons other than LegalZoom’s mistakes, the eligibility for a refund is typically determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Therefore, individuals and businesses should thoroughly consider their needs and priorities when choosing to use LegalZoom’s services.

CorpNet has a money-back guarantee available so it wins this category.

✅ Winner: CorpNet

Platform User-Friendliness

CorpNet user interface is straightforward and user-friendly. You can easily navigate through and access all the information you need regarding starting a business or running a business.

CorpNet homepage

They give a clear idea about every service and provide the necessary information you need to know before registering. 

You can also browse through their blogs, free guides, and checklists to gain more understanding of the platform and services.

LegalZoom also provides a user-friendly interface and platform, making it accessible to a broad range of users, from first-time entrepreneurs to seasoned business owners.

LegalZoom homepage

Its website is designed with a clear and intuitive layout. Whether you’re looking to form a new business entity, create legal documents, or access legal services, you’ll find that the platform’s navigation is straightforward and easy to follow. 

It also offers a wealth of informational resources, including articles, guides, and FAQs.

These resources are designed to educate users about various legal topics, helping them make informed decisions and understand complex legal concepts.

Hence, both CorpNet and LegalZoom draw a tie for this category.

✅ Winner: Tie

Customization Options

Along with their three set packages, CorpNet offers a range of additional services that you can opt for and customize your service.

corpnet corporate and llc kits

You can go for additional services such as Comprehensive Trademark Search, Business Name Search and Reservation, business licenses, and permits.

LegalZoom offers different service packages, each designed to cater to specific business requirements.

LegalZoom services

These packages range from basic to comprehensive, with varying features and price points.

Customers can choose the package that aligns with their immediate needs and budget.

Within each service package, LegalZoom often provides add-on services that customers can select based on their specific needs.

For example, customers can opt for services like registered agent services, obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN), or securing a business license, depending on their requirements.

Keep in mind that both CorpNet and LegalZoom take into account the state-specific requirements for business formation.

This means that the services provided are adjusted to meet the regulatory standards and compliance needs of the state in which the business is being formed.

As both offer a similar level of customization options, both CorpNet and LegalZoom tie here.

✅ Winner: Tie

Compliance Assistance

For compliance assistance, CorpNet offers nationwide registered agent services supporting multi-state, multi-company, and bulk registrations.

CorpNet RA support

They also offer access to compliance reports and documents including initial reports, annual reports, annual meeting minutes, and Certificate of Good Standing.

LegalZoom also provides a similar level of compliance support to help businesses meet ongoing regulatory requirements, such as annual filings, tax deadlines, and staying updated with relevant regulations.

LegalZoom compliance support

This includes their Compliance Calendar tool, registered agent services, filing annual reports, updating corporate records, and helping businesses get the necessary licenses and permits required to operate legally in their jurisdiction.

Both entities provide the same level of compliance support so, again, this category is tied.

✅ Winner: Tie

Industry-Specific Expertise

CorpNet is a relatively new entrant in the industry, founded in 2009. This means they might benefit more from recent insights and approaches in the field.

About CorpNet

A notable aspect of CorpNet’s expertise is that it was started by an attorney team.

This legal background provides them with a deep understanding of legal intricacies and regulatory compliance.

CorpNet primarily positions itself as an advisory service provider. They leverage their legal expertise to offer guidance and consulting to businesses, helping them navigate complex legal processes and regulatory compliance. 

This focus on advisory services suggests a strong emphasis on personalized and informed assistance.

LegalZoom has been in the industry for a longer time, having been founded in 2001, having started out as a legal tech firm, pioneering the use of technology to make legal services more accessible.

About LegalZoom

This tech-driven background has allowed them to develop innovative solutions and streamline legal processes.

LegalZoom is also renowned for its extensive range of legal services. They offer a broad spectrum of legal documents, business formation, and compliance services, catering to a wide array of legal needs.

In terms of industry-specific experience, although LegalZoom has been around longer, the two share a very similar founding story.

Where LegalZoom specializes in legal counsel and attorney expertise, CorpNet excels in advisory and consulting services.

✅ Winner: LegalZoom

Customer Education and Resources

CorpNet offers plenty of customer resources needed to sign up with them and run businesses.

You can access their blogs, articles, and free guides to get tips on business and sign up for their newsletter subscription.

CorpNet educational resources

They have elaborate articles on all topics including seed and development, startup and launch, growth and expansion, crisis management, maturity and exit, and more.

Additionally, you can access their free guides and checklists for starting a business, incorporating, getting press coverage, and starting blogs and social media.

They are also present on all major social media channels where they offer more insights about business.

LegalZoom maintains an extensive article center on its website, covering a wide range of legal topics and business-related subjects.

legalzoom resources

It also hosts blogs that delve into legal and business topics in greater detail.

These blogs feature articles written by legal experts and industry professionals, offering in-depth analysis, case studies, and practical advice. 

A big bonus LegalZoom has is its collection of free legal document templates that users can access and download.

These templates cover various legal needs, such as contracts, agreements, wills, and more. 

To stay more updated, you can subscribe to LegalZoom’s newsletters. You can also follow LegalZoom on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Both CorpNet and LegalZoom offer extensive resources here so they are tied.

✅ Winner: Tie

Customer Support

CorpNet has received numerous positive ratings on various platforms for its continuously excellent customer service.

The agents are supportive and offer guidance on even the most basic questions.

corpnet customer support

Representatives from CorpNet customer service are accessible from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday. They can be contacted by phone, fax, email, or regular mail.

ConsNet does not provide live help around-the-clock but they more than make up for it with their quick response time.

LegalZoom provides a range of customer support options to assist users throughout their journey.

legalzoom customer support

If you prefer phone support, you can reach their customer care team at (888) 379-0854 for general inquiries or (855) 787-1922 for sales-related questions.

Their support hours are from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT on weekdays and from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT on weekends.

For those who prefer online communication, you can submit questions or inquiries online.

You can also chat with LegalZoom’s agents by providing your name and email, with the choice to include your phone number.

✅ Winner: LegalZoom


Basic Package

The CorpNet Basic business formation package with standard services for forming an LLC or Corporation costs:

  • $99 + state fee with Standard Processing
  • $199 + state fee for Express Processing
  • $249 + state fee for 24 Hour Rush Processing 

Deluxe Package

The CorpNet Deluxe business formation package with added benefits like 1 year of registered agent service, and acquisition of a federal tax ID number (EIN) costs:

  • $219 + state fee with Standard Processing
  • $319 + state fee for Express Processing
  • $369 + state fee for 24 Hour Rush Processing

Complete Package

The CorpNet Complete business formation package with all services including LLC kit and seals, customized LLC operating agreement outlining your company’s structure, and meeting minutes costs:

  • $269 + state fee with Standard Processing
  • $369 + state fee for Express Processing
  • $419 + state fee for 24 Hour Rush Processing

LegalZoom’s pricing plans are structured as per the company/entity types you’d like to incorporate.

Here’s a table breaking down the available plans:

Entity TypePlan and PricePlan and PricePlan and Price
LLCBasic: $0 + state filing feesPro: $249 + state filing feesPremium: $299 + state filing fees
CorporationEconomy: $149 + state filing feesStandard: $329 + state filing feesExpress Gold: $349 + state filing fees
Nonprofit CorporationEconomy: $99 + state filing feesStandard: $239 + state filing feesExpress Gold: $359 + state filing fees
Limited PartnershipEconomy: $149 + state filing feesStandard: $259 + state filing feesExpress Gold: $379 + state filing fees
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)Economy: $149 + state filing feesStandard: $259 + state filing feesExpress Gold: $379 + state filing fees

Overall, CorpNet has the most affordable pricing plans. So CorpNet wins this category.

✅ Winner: CorpNet


CorpNet offers packages for businesses at all levels of growth. Whether you want to start your business and get help with the formation or already running a business and need to meet filing and compliance needs, CorpNet has solutions for you.

They offer different pricing plans for your needs and can be easily scalable. LegalZoom, like CorpNet, also offers several scalable options for you to use.

Be it from growing your specific entity using different features or scaling up your existing business and registering things legally, LegalZoom can help.

Regarding scalability, both CorpNet and LegalZoom tie.

✅ Winner: Tie

Standout Features of CorpNet

CorpNet is known for its customer service. They offer great customer support and offer quick resolutions through phone or email.

They also offer additional services such as business name and trademark search and business name reservation that come in handy while forming a business. 

Additionally, they can also provide customizable business supplies and kits that include seals and embossers for corporate documents.

Standout Features of LegalZoom

LegalZoom’s Compliance Calendar service keeps businesses informed and proactive about important deadlines and filings.

It sends advance alerts for crucial dates, including annual reports and state income tax deadlines, helping businesses stay compliant. 

Like CorpNet, LegalZoom also offers a Trademark Search service which assists businesses in making informed decisions before applying for a federal trademark.

It also takes trademark support to the next level by offering attorney-led assistance.

Their trademark registration package is led by experienced trademark attorneys who guide businesses through every step of the registration process, including filing and addressing potential obstacles.

CorpNet vs. LegalZoom: SMB Guide’s Verdict

After a comprehensive review, our verdict favors CorpNet as the overall winner in this comparison. 

CorpNet’s strength lies in its advisory consultancy and operational assistance, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking comprehensive support beyond legal expertise.

Give CorpNet a try here!

On the other hand, LegalZoom excels in providing legal services and resources, making it the preferred option for those primarily focused on legal aspects.

You can sign up with LegalZoom here!


CorpNet is the smartest way to start a business, register for payroll taxes, and maintain business compliance across the United States.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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